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It’s remarkable how little money is required to build or refurbish a school in rural Africa.  But just think… a seemingly small donation by you today can make a huge difference tomorrow in the life of a child who is hungry for an education.  With your financial help, we will ensure that thousands of children in East Africa have access to quality public education, thereby raising the standard of living for an entire future generation. Please make a donation today. border-bottom


A gift of $360 pays for a girl from a rural community to live in a dorm for one school year, protecting her from assault/early pregnancy.


A gift of $500 pays for books and school supplies for an entire class of students who can’t afford to buy them on their own.


A gift of $5,000 goes a long way towards paying for materials, contractors and other costs to build a school.

    Join us for our Holiday Gala on December 1, 2022!

Celebrating 15 years of Building Schools & Breaking Barriers to Education

“By participating in a project like this, you really get a sense of where your money is going and its impact. Knowing we are helping to provide educational opportunities to young kids who may become the future leaders of Africa is truly phenomenal.”


To make a donation, send a check or money order to:
Africa School Assistance Project
191 University Blvd, #285
Denver, CO 80206
The Africa School Assistance Project is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.