Partner schools

Currently ASAP is assisting schools and communities in the Arusha and Mwanza Regions of Tanzania.

Mwanza Region

Misungwi District

Overlooking the beautiful, boulder strewn southern shores of Lake Victoria lies the Misungwi District.  ASAP first partnered with the Misungwi District (one of Tanzania’s most educationally underserved districts) government in 2014 to comprehensively develop the schools of Idetemya ward (six primary schools, one secondary school).  Since then, we’ve also partnered with the Mwaniko Ward and look forward to expanding our work throughout the district.

Idetemya Ward

Idetemya Secondary School

Chole Primary School

Bulolambeshi Primary School

Bukumbi Primary School

Kigongo Primary School

Seth Benjamin Primary School

Mayolwa Primary School

Mwaniko Ward

Mugan Secondary School

Arusha Region

Meru District

In the lush high mountain valley’s overlooking the Momella Lakes and in the shadows of Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro lies the Meru District. The villagers here grow some of the world’s best shade grown coffee and it isn’t unusual to see elephants or other African wildlife strolling through the hills when they’ve forgotten where the neighboring Arusha National Park boundaries are.

Maruvango Ward

Mbaaseny Primary School

Shishton Primary School

Shishton Secondary School

Leguruki Ward

Miririni Secondary School

King’ori Ward

Kirenga Primary School