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Menstrual health management


COVID – 19

Community health

Healthy schools = healthy communities.

It’s impossible to learn if you’re unwell, thirsty, hungry, or if your period is causing you to miss school each month (a major barrier to education for half the world’s population!)

So, ASAP’s first order of business at every partner school is to ensure there is adequate water, sanitation facilities, and handwashing stations. Next, our Community Health Educator gets to work educating students, teachers, and community members on water, sanitation, hygiene, puberty and menstrual health, and a whole lot more.

Our Kupanda Afya Program takes this a step further, training secondary level girls to be peer educators on these important health issues (including provision of and training on how to make reusable feminine health products) and then deploying these young women to teach students at the primary schools they graduated from, improving student health by the thousands.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have stood by our partner communities, helping to inform them about COVID-19 and providing handwashing stations, soap, facemasks, and other medical supplies to tens of thousands of individuals at schools and rural hospitals.

The outcomes

Improved health

Improved nutrition

Improved learning

Improved attendance