Maruvango Ward

Mbaaseny Primary School

Nestled in the lush mountain valleys between Mount Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro, lies Mbaaseny Primary School, ASAP’s first partner school and where the organization was born in 2008.

The school began as an unfinished one room schoolhouse. With no glass on the windows and no desks, the children were forced to sit on dirt floors that turned to mud in the rainy season. The roof leaked and teaching conditions were difficult. Still, the children were desperate for an education and many stood outside the building in hopes of someday making it inside the school.

Today, Mbaaseny Primary School has eight classrooms, teacher’s offices and housing, toilets, water, and playing fields, desks, books and over 500+ students. It is a beautiful, successful school and has become the heart of the village.

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