All ASAP schools and programs are 100% owned and led by the local community.

Community ownership

Community-led solutions

Community investment

Community education

Everything we do is done collaboratively and through a participatory development approach whereby our partner communities self-identify solutions and co-invest in all projects.

We hold community open forums, form committees, and meet with various stakeholder groups to plan, implement, and evaluate projects. We also set up and train Community Audit Groups (CAGs) that act as liaisons between ASAP and the wider community, advocate for the community and schools, and ensure school facility and programmatic quality control and long-term sustainability.

We don’t stop there.

We actively work with community groups to break down harmful social and gender norms, and make sure that everyone (including men and boys) understands the lasting value of education, particularly for girls.

The outcomes

Increased community ownership and participation

Increased community investment in education & girls

Improved facility and programmatic sustainability

Improved gender and social norms